The Definitive Guide to Numbers and Esotericism

The spiritual Instructor Meher Baba proposed that there are six planes of consciousness that have to be skilled ahead of you can achieve God-realization to the seventh plane: "Just about every definite stage of development signifies a point out of consciousness, and development from a person state of consciousness to another proceeds aspect by aspect with crossing the internal planes.

2 Variety three and also the third Ray of Energetic Intelligence (the environmentally friendly ray) Ray three may be the power in the Mind of God as it works by way of material. It's the remarkably fertile and smart action of subject itself, which The natural way and easily adapts alone to match its environment and addresses the earth by having an Lively blanket of everyday living. It is the intelligence of the form, which is aware what exactly it ought to do to breed, to nourish itself and to survive.

For each and every fragment of fact You will find there's veritable cloud of confusion, ignorant speculation and falsity. Inside the current age of strife, this confusion, ignorance and falsehood is essential because it permits the authentic Historical Secret Tradition to remain concealed and protected.

Using the 5 Identify you will be highly flexible and properly Outfitted to creating and accepting transform. With the 5 energy You mostly look for pleasure and are sometimes a little bit of a threat-taker. That you are imaginative, and infrequently, as a result of your unconventional method of wondering, are Obviously equipped to resolve elaborate issues with simplicity.” ()

Manly Hall claims this selection is “termed with the Pythagoreans the perfection of each of the sections … the shape of sorts, articulation in the universe along with a doer of the soul.” He writes:

Directly equal ideas in Indian imagined are lokas and bhuvanas. In Hindu cosmology, there are several lokas or worlds, which can be recognized with both equally conventional cosmology and states of meditation.

Théun Mares clarifies, in an exceedingly realistic and simple to grasp way, how everyone can Create a whole Numeroscope, employing their title and birthdate. We realize that any person wishing to benefit from Astrology needs to know more than simply their Solar sign - they should know a great deal of element encompassing their birthchart.

Then in guy, in the merging of Father-Mom, the Son (consciousness, soul) occurs, and evolves from ignorance to wisdom. Our photo voltaic process is governed by the 2nd ray, and you will find more ray two souls on this planet, than on any of one other rays. Ray two concentrates on “we.” There are two exclusive Ray two groups - people who stand for the really like facet and so are drawn to therapeutic; and those that signify very clear wisdom and they are drawn to schooling. They may be essentially the most charismatic and magnetic group of souls, are reformers and humanitarians.

As a result on that plane language would not matter from the least; but helpers Operating inside the astral environment, that have not still the ability to make use of the mental automobile.[19]

George Winslow Plummer wrote which the spiritual airplane is split into numerous sub-planes Which on these planes Dwell spiritual beings who tend to be more Sophisticated in development and status than everyday gentleman.

Basically, this ray is answerable for giving birth for the Christ consciousness - the "mild within the variety", through human consciousness. This millennium presents the Lord of Ray two, the Lord of affection and Knowledge, a thousand decades to acquire these features. This really is also the target of your Solar Logos whose Most important ray is “2”, and that is also An important ray of our Planet Logos. So you can see how crucial this millennium is, not only to humanity but in greater strategies and cycles also.

Cease Pondering An individual ~ A session to assist you move on from thoughts which were consistently pestering you.

The ancients in my judgment understood with the planets Uranus and Neptune, but they didn't contain them in their astronomical operates. We Theosophists know why. It would be very appealing, but it would consider me every week to explain this why. I'll basically add that these astronomical ages — that is what these Hindu yugas are — every one of these astronomical cycles and vital-figures, are determined by the calculated vital-numbers of Jupiter and Saturn, 12 and 30, as elements. However an exceptionally appealing reality will come forth. The number of Jupiter-decades does the Earth Uranus contain? I signify, 1 year of Uranus comprehends or includes the quantity of Jupiter-yrs? seven, pretty much accurately. What number of Jupiter-yrs does the planet Neptune incorporate, in other words just one Neptune-calendar year? fourteen Jupiter-a long time. Should you be adhering anonymous to these ideas carefully, the conviction will improve upon you which the periodic situations of every one of the planets are time-connected, related by time-durations; and my own conviction is, although I under no circumstances have had time to operate this factor out, that some Theosophical mathematical 'sharp' could go ahead and even see that the planets Uranus and Neptune will be A part of still much larger time-cycles. Amongst the most important cycles described even by Plato in his Dialog known as the Laws

To attain such a private face with their Divine Beloved, "the Sufis laid out the 'path' (tariqah) that may lead to gnosis (marifah) or mystic familiarity with the Lord. The 'route' of ascension to divine union with God passes via stages regarded typically as 'stations' or 'states': the final stage is that of fana, or passing away in God, and that is the last word wish of An effective mystic. The Sufi at this time ceases to be aware of his physical id even though he carries on to exist as an individual." (ten) While nearly all Sufi Orders meticulously notice the Islamic legislation (Sharia), they feel it to be just Numerology the outer outfits or exterior shell shielding the core, the esoteric truth of the matter. The Holy Quran phone calls people that know the essence of factors "the possessors of your kernels." The Sufis liken esoteric knowledge to some "kernel" hidden inside a shell. Exoteric Islam, knowledgeable as a conventional way of lifetime, makes the setting, the society, the community, and required psychological orientation, from which sure folks are referred to as to initiation into esotericism. The authentic gnostic and mystic is always a minority when put next to The nice mass of humanity who are absolutely satisfied with exoteric religion. The Sufi schools and brotherhoods are renowned for propagating Islam throughout the earth. Their piety, deep spirituality and tolerance, enabled the Sufis to attract a substantial adhering to. As one author says: The brotherhoods rendered their incalculable, monumental solutions to Islam in three other ways: they prevented Islam from becoming a chilly and official doctrine, maintaining it alive as an personal, compassionate religion; they have been largely responsible for spreading the religion in east Asia and sub-Saharan Africa; and they had been One of the foremost leaders in Islam's armed service and political battles in opposition to the encroaching electricity on the Christian West. (11)

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